Swamiji Japan Tour 2014

~Swami Purnamritananda Puri Japan tour 2014~
Swami Purnamritananda, a disciple training under Amma for over 30 years,will be visiting Japan soon.In addition to Swamiji being a master of meditation, he's also a virtuoso of the Indian bamboo flute, whose deep meditative timbre attracts many people even in Japan.He will stay in Japan for about one month till the beginning of Nov and have a lot of programs!

<Tokyo Retreat 2014>
A Healing Weekend with Swami Purnamritananda in Hachioji,Tokyo” 
The site is just about 1 hour away from the central Tokyo, 
but the place is full of nature where you will have time for immersing yourself in meditation and spiritual time with Swamiji. 
Let's take a break from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives 
and gift ourselves with a few days of tranquility.

Dates: October 17th (Fri) 20:00 to October 19th (Sun) 17:00
Venue:Hachioji Seminar House, Tokyo

Address:1987-1 Shimoyuzuki Hachioji-shi Tokyo 192-0372 Japan MAP

We kindly request Reservation in advance (before Sep.30) 
to guarantee your accommodation and meals. Fees vary as follows.

Participation Fee:
3 days 2 nights: 20,000 yen (Fri & Sat night accommodation, 5
meals: Sat breakfast, lunch & dinner, Sun breakfast & lunch) 
2 days 1 night: 14,000 yen (Sat night accommodation, 4 meals: Sat lunch & dinner, Sun breakfast & lunch) 
Offsite participation: 9,600 yen (3 day participation without accommodation):3 meals: Sat lunch, dinner & Sun lunch) 
Offsite participation: 8,500 yen (3 day participation without accommodation):2meals: Sat lunch & Sun lunch) 
from 5 years old to College or University Students
3days 2 nights 13,000 yen, 2 days 1 night 6,000 yen, Offsite 3-day
participation with 3 meals: 3,000 yen, Offsite 3-day participation
with 2 meals: 2,000 yen)
*Children under 4 years old: Free (no meals, to sleep in the same bed with family) No need to apply for tickets.
*All meals are vegetarian.If you want to use the same room with your
family members or friends, please notify us by e-mail. Except the
request, you will basically share a room with other same gender

<<Cancelation fee>>
 *100% on 17th October and after,
 *50% for8th Oct ~16th Oct
 *20% for (1st Oct ~7th Oct)

For more information and enquiries: Please contact us

<Swamiji's special Lecture 2014 in Tokyo>

The tittle:"What is true abundance and how to achieve it in life?"

By Purnamritanandaji

Date: 2014 October 23 Thursday

Time: 18:00 ~21:00 (Hall opens at 17:30)

Program: Swamiji's Lecture, Q&A, Flute performance by Swamiji

Venue: Yotsuya Kumin Hall (87 Naito-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

*Admission is Free

Reservation needed: Please e-mail us.
including “Reservation for 23rd lecture, your name, telephone number,e-mail address. 

Access to Yotsuya Kumin Hall
5 minute walk from Exit 2 of Shinjukugyoen Mae Station(Tokyo Metro
Marunouchi Line) MAP