About the Tokens for Amma's Darshan

We Use the Token System

Everybody wishing to receive an embrace from Amma must first have a token.
Each individual is required to get one token, including children accompanying parents and attendants.  Tokens are handed out in-person only.

Tokens are free and the system is designed so that the first people to join the line are the first to meet Amma.

Here’s how it works:
  • Tokens are small cards, imprinted with a letter and a number, like A1, or C3, or Q7.
  • Groups meet Amma in sequence: the A1 group goes before the A2 group, and so on. 
Token distribution
Tokens are handed out shortly after the hall opens at the entrance of Amma’s program hall (Hall C on the basement floor).

  • If you arrive after the program begins, you may still be able to get one (depending on the availability).
  • Please note that we are unable to replace tokens that get lost, so please be careful not to lose tokens.
  • Please arrive early, especially if you have time constraints. Because programs last for many hours, your token number may not be displayed until late in the afternoon for morning programs, or after midnight for the evening programs

  • Term of validity
  • Each token is valid for only that specific day and program. Each program has a different colored token.
 If you plan to come more than once
  • If you received an embrace on a prior day, you may be asked to wait to receive another new token.
  • If you received an embrace during a morning program, you will not be able to get a token for that evening’s program, although you are welcome to attend. 
Groups and Families
Families and groups are welcome to join any of Amma’s programs.  If you would like to be hugged together as a family or group, please get tokens of the same number for each member of your family and/or group.  Tokens are only handed out to individuals who are present. Others will receive tokens only when they arrive.

  • If some of your group members have tokens with different numbers and if you wish to be hugged together as a group, you will be requested to meet Amma at the time of the person with the last token number.
  • If someone from your group has already met Amma on a prior day, that person may be requested to wait to receive a new token.
  • Large parties may not be able to be hugged at the same time; instead, you may be asked to form smaller groups.
 Care & Support Line
A Care and Support Line will be provided. For elderly persons, handicapped persons, ill persons, pregnant women and their caregivers, small children up to 4 years of age and their parents/caregivers. There will be an area where you can wait comfortably, with staff on site to assist you as necessary. Please notify staff of such needs when you get your token.

Special Evening Program on July 20th
The special evening program on July 20th begins with a ceremony for world peace.  Afterwards, Amma will receive guests who have tokens for an embrace.  She will continue doing this all night into the next morning.   
If you have time constraints, please arrive and get your token earlier. You may find that your token number is very late and could be the next morning.

For this special program on July 20th, all the participants are requested to wait in the token line before entering the hall.  Even if you would like to participate in the ceremony without receiving a token, please stay in the same token line to proceed, and then tell the staff your intentions and that the token is not necessary.  Thank you for your understanding.