May 2017 Amma's Japan program

-Embracing The World 2017-

Date:May 23, 24, and 25, 2017
Venue:Belle Salle Shibuya Garden, Hall C

(Sumitomofudosan Shibuya Garden Tower B1,
Nanpeidaicho 16-17, Shibuya)

Awaking to Love  through Amma's embrace

In these times of worry and anxiety, Amma embraces each and every person who comes to her, spreading her her message of unconditional Love.
Amma has embraced over million people from all over the world.
Amma's arms are open, awaiting to embrace you.

Access:walking about 10 minutes;
Shibuya Station (Yamanote, Ginza, Hanzomon, Fukutoshin, Denentoshi,Tokyu Toyoko, Keio Inokashira lines), Shinsen Station (Keio Inokashiraline)

23 May(Tue)
Morning Program: 11:00 start (09:30 open)

24 May (Wed)
Morning Program: 10:00 start (08:30 open)
Evening Program: 18:30 start (17:00 open)

25 May (Thu)
Morning Program: 10:00 start (08:30 open)
Evening Program: 18:30 start (17:00 open)
Special Program

*May 25th (Thu) 18:30 to 20:00
The Evening Program of last day will begin with a Special Program,
Prayer for World Peace.

Morning Program:
Meditation, Amma embraces each visitor
Evening Program:
Amma’s speech and song, meditation,
Amma embraces each visitor.

*No pets allowed except the guide dogs.

In order to receive Amma's darshan, you must first have a token. Each token is valid for only that
particular day and program. We will begin distributing tokens as soon as the program hall opens. For visitors coming by train to the evening program, please be aware of the time of your last train, make sure you arrive at the program as early as possible, and obtain a token as soon as you arrive.Programs end when the last person receives darshan.Each program will conclude when visitors have been embraced. 

*Schedule is subject to change, so please check our web site or SNS below  for confirmation before departing for venue.   

Contact us;  kouhou☆ Please replace ☆ with @.